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Living on the Island here for over 40 years, I have seen a strong demand for  quality storage buildings. Homeowners have repeatedly asked for Quality, Durability, Maintenance Free and Attractive storage buildings to be custom built which they could depend on for storage for years to come.


Building these units in our fabrication yard allows us to build quality portable units and sell them at a much more cost effective price. Custom buildings at your request will challenge us to design unique buildings which will set us apart from our competition.


Portable Buildings are a smart choice for anyone who has a lot of things to store yet may not be settled in one particular location. Everyone of our units built in our yard are designed to be portable by installing runners strongly attached to the underneath of the floor.


Our custom buildings add value to your property and can free up space in your home or garage. There are many uses for a portable building; storage units, shed, garage, on-site office, cabin, playhouse,  guest houses, green houses, etc...


We combine our construction skills, an eye for detail and quality building materials in an effort to

satisfy our customers. 


Please feel free to contact us by email or phone, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call us at: (902) 432-0168

Or Email us at:

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